My name is Yan.
I'm an independent pop-rock singer-songwriter based in Toronto.

I've been playing the piano since the age of five, and writing songs since high school.

I studied science in university, graduating in biology and kinesiology.

But theatre and music were always the main passions in my life.

While in university I joined a youth theatre collective called JDY Theatre.
Being a part of this group gave me the opportunity to indulge in stage performance and songwriting.

I wrote eleven songs for the group's original musical ‘The Old House’, and you 
can find the official published soundtrack here.
I also composed the musical theme for the original play ‘Train for Two’, which the group (including myself) performed on tour in Philadelphia as well as in Toronto.

In April of 2019 I started working on my debut studio album with producer and musician Dima Graziani.
My album "Are There Any Rules?"  was officially released on August 1st, 2020.
You can listen to it


The album is composed of 9 original songs. The songs document my experiences with loss, my journey to self-determination, and my hunger for equality.

The music is rooted in the indie pop-rock genre, with production elements that range from 80's synths to a live church organ.

It is a story of emotional evolution, of hardship and hope, and primarily, a journey from naivety to clarity.


You can discover my album in the Album Experience; an audio-visual deep-dive into my creative process that includes behind-the-scenes access and some exclusive downloads.

Join the Album Experience for free here. 

The album is also available for purchase in a Limited Edition CD format.
Get your copy here.


In my spare time I like to exercise (I'm also a personal trainer), read, listen to music,

and spend time outdoors.

Please feel free to message me directly at info@yanshvartsman.com.

I'm always happy to answer any questions and hear your feedback.

I hope that you find your voice in my music.

Yours truly,

All Rights Reserved © 2020 by Yan Shvartsman